Game Changers turns one violent video game into art for every $10 gift

Erik Lehmann shares why he started the Game Changer Movement…

Hello All,


I feel that it is time to share one of the main reasons why I created the Game Changers Movement.  I have been in the trenches creating this movement for so long, I realized that I might not have shared one of the main reasons I started this, in the first place.  It is true that the Sandy Hook shootings and the Boston Marathon Bombing and the events around Columbine broke my heart wide open.  Today, it dawned on me that three of the main reasons I created this movement were in my living room today.  Those three reasons are my three beautiful children!  I was painting violent video games with two of them in preparation for the Ithaca Game Changers Experience and the conversation we had, was so very precious to me.  We talked about what makes a video game violent and why some games were violent and we talked about how cool it is to be able to launch a movement with some of the athletes who were represented in games like Madden 2013!


Here is a video I recorded that shares more about why I started the Game Changers Movement….


Thank you all!


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