Game Changers turns one violent video game into art for every $10 gift

November 15th, Dream Catalyst will present a program called Game Changers.  Game Changers will serve to introduce attendees to real life Game Changers of the world as people literally trade in a video game as the price of admission to a workshop co-facilitated by Lily Yeh and Erik Lehmann. Lily Yeh is an artist who builds community and transforms darkness into light wherever she goes.  She has recently returned from redesigning the burial site in Rwanda.  Erik Lehmann is the founder of Dream Catalyst, and he spends his life asking people, “Why are YOU here?” Julie Angerosa: a community artist from Utica who created a piece for TEDx Utica; will instruct us how to use CD’s and DVD’s as artistic media.

Game Changers is committing to remove one violent video game from circulation with every $10 donated.  The funds will serve to seed programs that will help us “RePURPOSE our HEARTdrives!” in our community and in communities across the country.


Today’s youth need to how much we care, before they care how much we know!

The Game Changers Experience offers kids alternatives to the violence found in the video games and gives them a creative outlet for their self-expression through art, sports, dance, and music.

It is not enough to say “no” to violence…we must offer our children the opportunity to CHOOSE PEACE and live into their unique gifts and purpose!

Please join us in supporting this vision, whose time has come! Together, we can partner in making dreams matter; one child at a time!  Thank you so very much!

There are many ways to engage with the Game Changers Movement!  You can create a video game collection site at your office.  You can create a fundraiser and name Dream Catalyst and Game Changers as the beneficiary.  You can host a Game Changers Experience and have Erik Lehmann speak at your event!  Please reach out and become part of this movement!

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