Game Changers turns one violent video game into art for every $10 gift

About the Cause

Game Changers is here bringing light and resources to help our children discover their purpose.  That special dream that was born inside them: wrapped with all the gifts and possibilities necessary to make one’s purpose come alive!

We have realized that our children may be feeling a bit distracted from finding their purpose and uncovering their dream by a multitude of things.  The Game Changers Movement believes that violent video games may be serving as a huge distraction to a great many of our youth.  To that end, Game Changers is creating experiences and building communities by encouraging youth to trade in a violent video game as we “RePURPOSE our HEARTdrives” together!  Our youth have heard the words ‘don’t’ and ‘No’ many times over.  Game Changers is aiming to create more “Yes” opportunities, as we introduce kids to Game Changers from all walks of life.  It is a powerful experience when you get to meet, in person, people who have lived into the dreams you share!

This has happened in my life, quite a few times.  From meeting Mark Scharenbroich, the person who gave me the idea that I could speak in public as a living, to meeting Chad Hymas who taught me to help someone even if it means breaking the unspoken rules, to meeting Arun Gandhi who reinforced the vision that peace is possible, to meeting Byron Chamberlain, who is a living example of what it means to live fully into a dream; these Game Changers have changed my life in one day!  This is the experience we wish to create all over the country, so that our children can learn what is possible when they choose to Change their own Game!

Over the next year, the Game Changers Movement will host several events that we call, Game Changers Experiences.  On November 15th, in Ithaca, NY we are curating a Game Changers Experience where attendees will trade in a violent video game as their ticket price, and then we will literally transform the video game itself into art!  Lily Yeh, who recently returned from Rwanda, where she redesigned the burial site from the genocide, and literally took the community from darkness into light!  Julie Angerosa, a Master’s Student in Transpersonal Psychology at Sofia University, will help us learn how to turn violence into art as we experiment with video games as actual art supplies.


On March 21st, Dream Catalyst will present a Game Changers Experience as the Grand Prize of a nationwide contest, where the school who trades in the most violent video games will have a full out Game Changers Experience shipped to their campus!  Byron Chamberlain, a former Pro Bowl Tight End for the Denver Broncos will be helping to present an athletic training camp for the students and faculty at the winning school.  Kids will be able to get off the couch and connect with real Game Changers and have personal interactions with people who serve as heroes and role models to the next generation.  We will also offer art workshops and have a concert in the evening to add music to the festivities.

We have created a beautiful image that will be printed on T-shirts and other promotional items that will be sold to raise funds and awareness about the Game Changers Movement.  We are calling this part of the Game Changers Movement, the “RePURPOSE Your HEARTdrive” campaign.  Ryan Curtis is the artist who created the image and we are so excited to serve in partnership with him!

We are also creating ongoing relationships with communities all over the country where we are planning to install murals and mosaics, composed of rePURPOSED violent video games as the artistic media for transformative creation.  We are working with Lily Yeh to co-create the artistic vision for this manifestation of the Game Changers Movement.

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